Transfagarasan tour from Sibiu

The unforgettable road trip through the Carpathians mountains

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If you are on vacation in Romania between June and September, the Transfagarasan Road tour is an amazing and unforgettable experience. The 90 kilometres of twists and turns laid over the Carpathians, marvellous waterfalls, scary ravines, steep rocky walls will take your breath away.
We offer this tour in 2 versions: the long tour, wich includes driving on its entire lenght, thus being able to enjoy, besides the amasing moutain views, Vidraru Dam, Poenari Fortress ( the real Vlad the Empaler fortress) and Curtea de Arges monastery ( the burial place of the Romanian Royal family). The short version of the tour includes driving on the most spectacular part of the road, up to Balea Lake and a few kilometres on the south side of the mountain, and visit to the fairy-tale Clay Castle, Carta Abbey or the Brukenthal Palace.
If time permits and weather allows, we can have a picnic up in the mountains. You just have to tell me what you'll want to eat. I'll do the shopping and I'll bring with me the rest we need for our picnic on the roof of Romania, Thus, you'll have the chance to drink a glass of wine, taste the local foods, breathe the fresh air and admire the amazing view from Transfagarasan.
Ussualy the tour starts from Sibiu, and after an hour of driving, we begin to climb on the Transfagarasan road. In the first half on hour, the road cut its way throug the deep beech and fir tree forests. As we approach the Balea Waterfall, the spactacular mountain scenery starts to reveal itself. We stop for the first time near the Balea Waterfall, for the first photo shooting and the first portion of fresh air. Then, the ride continues on the most spectacular part of the road, where we will stop as many times as you want for more photo sesions. We soon reach the highest part of the road, at 2000 meters altitude, near Balea Lake. We will have a stroll around the lake, and after a possible coffe break, we continue the ride on the south side of the road, after passing through the almost 1 km long tunnel drilled in the mountain. This is where we turn back to continue with the short version of the tour, or, if we choose the long version, we start our descent from the roof of Romania.
As we are based in Sibiu, our trip over Carpathians is a round tour starting from Sibiu, but depending of your location we can customize this journey and adjust the itinerary to make your dream trip on Transfagarasan possible.

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Points of interest

1. Sibiu Old City

2. Transfagarasan Highway

3. Balea Glacier Lake

4. Picnic at heights

5. Vidraru Dam

6. Poienari Fortress (the real Dracula fortress)

7. The Clay Castle

8. Carta Abbey

9. Bruckenthal Palace

One day trip. The long tour can be around 8-11 hours, and the short tour can be up to 8 hours.
From June to September. From September to June the Transfagarasan Highway is closed, but instead you can choose our tour to Balea Ice Hotel.
It depends on the distance covered during this trip, but we'll do our best to stick to your budget.
Depending on the time available and your interests, this tour may be beginning to an exciting journey in Romania, whether the starting point is in Bucharest, Sibiu, Brasov or Sighisoara. This day trip can be just a stage of your vacation in Transylvania or Wallachia. You can cross the Carpathians from Transylvania to Wallachia on Transfagarasan highway, and return in Transylvania in Brasov crossing back the Carpathians near Bran Castle. Or, if you're in Bucharest, this tour can be the perfect start of your round trip to Transylvania. For more options, please visit our tour list, or leave us a message, we'll be happy to help you choose your itinerary.
Professional private guide services for the full day, and a lot of smiles, interesting stories and good humour. At demand, we provide Wifi access and photo service.
Accommodation (if needed), entrance fees and meals. Drone filming can be provided at an additional cost.
Moderate. If you want to visit the Poienari fortress, keep in mind that we need to climb 1480 steps, so you'll need a good stamina.
Warm clothes (even if we will be travelling during the summer) and decent attire (if we'll visit the Curtea de Arges Monastery or any other religious place).

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